Christmas Tradition

We have a wonderful Christmas tradition on our street. Dear Sister Rees across the street puts together these beautiful Luminarias. (They are paper sacks with sand and a candle in the bottom). 

When we first started dad explained that we were lighting the way for Jesus Christ. 

This is a wonderful tradition, I will definitely be starting it when I am settled in my own neighborhood in a few years. It's a great way to remember the true reason for the season.

"And suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host praising God, and saying, Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men."
--Luke 2:13-14

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas.


Princess Blossom Flower

I would just like to make a quick post for Rindsie. 

Lindsay is pretty funny sometimes. The other day I got a text message with the following:
"Guess who loves you?? I do! I do! Yes, I do! Yes, I do! (said in talking-to-a-puppy-dog voice.)" 

Also, we were talking on the phone tonight about some stick on tattoo mustaches she and her boyfriend got at school. She was talking about drawing a face on her hand and giving him a mustache. Our conversation looked something like this:

"I'll put the mustache on my thumb!" -Linds

"Yeah, that'd be really fun. But you'd have to put the mustache on your pointer finger." -Me

"You're right! I'm so glad I talked to you!" -Linds

"Yeah, if you didn't you'd have looked like an idiot, walking around with a mustache on your chin." -Me

I love you Princess Blossom Flower! Thank you for helping me through the hard things and always making me laugh. Love your face off!



This past week we had a much needed break from school. I saw my family for the first time since August! I love being in good ol' PG. It always brings back a rush of memories from high school. (I'm not sure if that's good or bad. You take your pick)

Anyway, my beloved little sister loves taking pictures. Here are a few of the awesome moments she captured:

Why yes, I do always look like this when I study. (Someday I will find someone that appreciates how truly hilarious I am.)

Oh, did I mention I'm ridiculously attractive as well? Don't comment on that. 


Family Home Evening

This week I had the wonderful opportunity to attend the Family Home Evening of my dear Samantha and Colt. It was a lot of fun! We had a very insightful lesson by Colt, then watched a movie called Something Borrowed. (It was dumb... she doesn't end up with the right person. Just in case you were wondering.) 

We then made delicious little creations. Sam looked online and found this awesome idea for sugar cookies:

They are Indian Corn! 

We used frosted sugar cookies, placed yellow, orange, and brown M&M's on them and the leaves on the bottom are fruit roll ups. Who knew?

(This post is actually for Heidi. I thought you might enjoy this. It looks like Heidi activity to me.)


Peer Pressure

A lot of my friends have been changing the look of their blogs lately. Soo... I decided it was probably about time I jumped on the band wagon as well. 

Yup, that's all I have to say on that one. 


Good Luck Bear

I've found I retain information really well. I've also found that in order to retain that information I have to study... a lot.

In my hardest class I devote hours and hours to studying the information before every class, and then several more hours before an exam reviewing
and making sure I have the information down. As a result I have an 'A' in a class that many people are struggling in.

The other day a girl in my class was talking to me. She asked what scores I received on the last two exams. Upon hearing my marks she exclaimed:
"Wow! You are SO lucky!"

I wanted to tell her: "You could be this lucky too, all you have to do is devote all the hours you spend sleeping, eating, and hanging out with friends to studying. 'Luck' has nothing to do with it. I work for this. Because I want it."

And it is worth every minute I spend studying, every hour of lost sleep, every canceled date and every missed meal.


Sister Time!

My dear sister Nikki came and stayed with me this weekend. Here are a few of her quotes:

1. I just named your fish after me. She likes to eat. We have a lot in common. :)

2. Hey Nikki, how'd you sleep?--Katie

3. He said his 15 in. sub blew up. I said: Your sandwich blew up? That's unfortunate.

4. Nikki, you're breaking my leg. --Katie
I'm not fat!!--Nikki

5. You're going to Jamaica freakin' duh!

6. ....don't touch me there.

7. I hate Idaho. IDA FREAKIN' HO!

8. Did you know we have a Viking in our family?--Lindsay
Is it me?!--Nikki

Oh, Lindsay was here too... but she doesn't say anything funny :)


They Say You Marry Your Father

My dad is a retired chef. So I often call him and let him know if I make something particularly delicious. Here is the exchange we had today:

Me--"Guess what I'm eating for lunch!"


Me--"Gross! No! A wrap with potato! So yummy, you have to try it."

Daddy--"What did you wrap it with?"

Me--"Ummm... a tortilla. What else would you wrap it with?"

Daddy--"A trout."

Me--"Would that be yummy?"

Daddy-- "No. That's why I've never done it. We had Elk roast for dinner yesterday."

Me-- "Yeah? Was it good?"

Daddy-- "Not for the Elk. We liked it though."

Love you Daddy.


Good When They're Hot, Good When They're Cold!

Obviously this is a post about food.
Corn dogs to be exact.

Now, I do not like corn dogs at all. But this isn't a story about me. It's about my dear friend..... Helga.

Helga was walking through the Cross Roads one day
munching on a corn dog. (By munching I mean devouring. In her own words: "There is no graceful way to eat a corn dog.") As she is eating this deep fried heart attack on a stick she sees, to her embarrassment, a boy that she really really likes named Arnold.

To the best of my knowledge Arnold didn't say anything about her half eaten corn dog thrust in her mouth. But Helga was thoroughly embarrassed.

Love you dear! Hope you enjoyed your lunch.


Pure Brilliance!

When we were leaving for Rexburg I was distracted and forgot the hooks for my shoe rack. So I have had all my shoes in a box in my closet and it become very messy.

So, I asked my roommate how she would hang a shoe rack on the door with no hooks. "Paperclips" she then found me a bunch and walked out.

I immediately set to work. I had one failed attempt (hey, even Edison didn't get it on the first time!) then I came up with this brilliant idea that is working lovely!

Maybe I should be an engineer when I grow up.

(Hey Mom, if you could send me those hooks before this falls in the middle of the night and scares the heck out of us that would be wonderful!)


Solitary Single Woman

As many of you know. The majority of my friends are married. Which is sometimes a major bummer. But sometimes, like this weekend, it turns out to be a wonderful adventure!

Friday night I called my dear Samantha Farmer to tell her about a job opening here in Rexburg. (She and her husband Colt are debating whether they are going to move to IF or Rexburg.) After I told her about the job we got talking like girls often do.

We talked about wanting to see each other again and were trying to smash our busy schedules together. One of us had the bright idea to see if I couldn't find someone to take me down tonight. So I called Andy.

"Hey, What are you doing tonight?"
"Nothing, whats up?"

"Wanna drive to Arco?"
"SURE! When?"


So, Andy is on his way over and Colt says

"Why don't you guys spend the night?"

Done and done!

I grabbed PJ's a tooth brush and my elephant, Percy. (oh, and some frosting and graham crackers I'd been eating before all this happened.)

When Andy FINALLY showed up (about 30 seconds later) I informed him that we would be spending the night.

Sam and Colt bought pizza and we devoured it while playing a game of Life (which I totally won!) I'm so grateful that I am able to have such wonderful friends that put up with and even encourage my spontaneous plans.



The Boy Gene

One of my very dear friends is currently serving a mission. He is still in the MTC as of right now.
In his last letter he drew a diagram of the fort that was constructed on 'fort night' (his two week mark)

Here is the wonderful fort and the man himself!

In my next letter I asked something to this effect: "How are boys able to make such amazing forts? Is there something crazy on the Y chromosome that us girls are unable to have?"

Here was his reply:
"It's in our blood. We did an experiment in seminary a few years ago. Boys vs Girls in fort building and attacking. With the same amount of desks, our fort was twice as high, we just do it. When you were dreaming of a wedding, we were playing with army men... it's just how boys are...

P.S.... We also have to know how to protect our princess because that is our goal and purpose in life. To find, cherish, and protect that which can soften our hearts and bring us to God. We must protect our wife. :)"


So Blessed

Lately I've been thinking about blessings a lot.

I am so entirely blessed:

1. I have the best friends
2. I have the most loving family in the world!
3. I'm gaining an education
4. I eat. Everyday.
5. I get enough sleep
6. There is so much to smile about.
7. I'm healthy
8. My sisters are my best friends
9. Letters from missionaries always brighten my day
10. There is a temple just up the street.

Honestly, what more could a girl ever want?

Tonight I remembered something that I used to pray for as a child.

Puffy Hair.

I wanted big hair so bad! Don't ask why, I have no idea. It was just cool. I always had something like this in mind:

This is the kind of woman that I still think is absolutely beautiful. I wanted nothing more than to look just like her.
Tonight, as I was trying to get my massive lions mane out of my face I thought:

Maybe that was one blessing I could have lived without.


Daddy Daughter Day hike

Before I went back to the very flat Idaho, Daddy promised to take me to the Uintahs for a day hike! Three days after I got my wisdom teeth out he took the day off work and we left at o'dark thirty in the morning.

We hiked a few miles up to Notch Mountain and looked for mountain goats. We were unsuccessful, but we did see this beautiful view!
We when continued on our little hike and passed a beautiful meadow filled with wild flowers! We also saw some Rhexia-Leaf Paintbrush. I was so thrilled.

After a little bushwhacking We came out by the wonderful lake. Where we looked for moose.

We didn't see one. But we did see a duck.

We finished our 8 mile day by walking up to a little spring that David and Dad found their last time up here. The water was so delicious we nicknamed it 'Celestial Spring.'

All and all it was a wonderful hike. I strongly suggest going to the Uintahs sometime. The scenery is superb, there is no better place to spend a day.

Thank you Dad!


Road Trippin'

This weekend I had the wonderful opportunity to drive up to Idaho Falls with Hannah (my old roommate) and Ryan (Hannah's boyfriend of almost five months!) for Sam and Colt's (another roommate and FHE brother) wedding! Hannah and I decided to start a quote book. Here are a few of the things that were said that we thought were hilarious.

"I'm a weirdo!"

"I'm sweaty in my armpits."

"I'n not a crazy driver, I just am right now.... kay?"

"That should be in our quote book! That's funny right there."

"It's your wedding, you can spend as much money as you want!"

"If Arco fell into a crater do you think anyone would know?"
"Probably not for a while."

"Has is been 23 miles yet?!"
"I dunno, but I'm goin' 80!"

"Sam is going to live clear the freak out here?"
"There is no way I'm coming to visit her now!"

"I'm just trying to be funny so I can make it in the quote book."

"Oh my! Birds keep pooping!"

"Oh my! I've been planning out what I was going to say to Colt's dad this whole time,"


Cascade Springs

On Sunday we decided to drive up to Cascade Springs and take the short walk as a family. We used to come here when we were little and it was nice to go back with those of us living at home at the moment.

We had several wonderful picture opportunities.

We saw some beautiful flowers, a few fish and even a bumblebee!

Nikki and I shared some sister time and enjoyed the beautiful scenery!

David even climbed a tree that is over hanging part of the trail. He was very proud of himself.

Alright.... so he didn't exactly make it all the way up by himself.

It was a wonderful trip, we very much enjoyed spending a Sunday afternoon up the canyon. Just the five of us, and the Beaver, as Dad calls him. Nikki simply couldn't leave her man Bieber behind so we brought him up and Nikki sang along the entire time!



Antoine de Saint-Exupery once said:
"True happiness comes from the joy of deeds well done, the zest of creating things new."

I always thought that to create something of value you had to be creative, you had to be artistic, musically talented, or well versed.

I was introduced to this Mormon Message and it has since become my inspiration. For what? Something of value to me. Which is all that matters. Right?

True happiness comes from hard work, perseverance, persistence, determination, a little natural talent and a huge vision.


Sprinkle Tongues!

We made an AMAZING discovery this week!
(Please remember that it is finals week, we are all running on very little sleep, food, and brain power because our poor little thinkers have been fried.)



An Interesting Experience

**Viewer Discretion Advised**
May contain potty humor

This morning I had a very interesting experience, one I have never been privileged to have before... I really hope I never have it again.
I woke up at 5:30 and put on a dress and walked up to the temple and had a very wonderful experience. However, in my haste to have that wonderful teaching lesson I forgot to do certain things that normal people do in the morning, like go to the bathroom.
When I got home about 7:30 am I talked with Evelyn for a little while and then decided that I needed to shower. As I was walking to my room to get my clothes I realized how desperately I had to go to the bathroom! I calmly reasoned to myself that I would collect the things I needed to shower and then I would go. As soon as I had picked out my clothes and was about to head to the bathroom Sam walked out of her bedroom, went into the bathroom and turned on the shower. About this point I realized that I was in major trouble. My face looked a little like this:
I decided to pick up my room.... not helping! Finally I realized I was not going to make it if I didn't take action NOW! What to do?! I can't go to the neighbor... it's way to early for that. THE SMITH!! Luckily I live on campus and the closest building is just down the hill. I put on my shoes and headed down in a very nonchalant manner.
As I was walking out of the complex a crow (I HATE crows) took fright and sounded up the alarm, he scared the heck out of me in the process and I nearly did something regrettable. I picked up the pace and put on my serious face so that no one would talk to me.
Don't worry, I made it! But just barely. Moral of the story: Always go to the bathroom right when you wake up!!


A Project

I had to make a cover for a project in Missionary Preparation. The only requirement given:
"Be proud of it."

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15 Minutes of Fame

On BYU-I's home page they have these wonderful pictures of beautiful people smiling around campus. They recently updated these pictures; I was so glad to be looking at new faces that I decided to look at all the pictures.

You can imagine my surprise when I saw myself in one of the new pictures! I know it's me because that is my pink backpack! So obviously there is no other person in the world it could possibly be! But I also have more evidence, she also has my baggy jeans (this is a dead give away, no one else on campus ever wears baggy jeans, these girls are here to get married, they always look their best!)

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Beauty, Truth, and Goodness

A few weeks ago while I was sitting reverently in Tuesday devotional the speaker said something that really caught my attention. He talked about keeping our thoughts pure, and how literature is a wonderful way to accomplish this. Now, I like to believe that I have a fairly clean mind.


Funny story about having a clean mind. Often times I'll be sitting with my roommate and boys (that are there for her, not me.) One of them will say something and they all bust up laughing. I never understood what was so funny and would always try to get them to explain it to me. They never would. The only explanation I ever got was "You'd be shocked, you're too classy." Finally, my roommate told me, "When the boys and I are laughing don't ask, you really don't want to know." See? Clean mind.


After hearing this I decided to memorize a poem a week. With school and everything a week should give me enough time even if I can't work on it for a few days. It's been the most wonderful experience anyone could ever have! I'm on week three and these poems keep floating through my head at times when I need a little extra push.

Poems I have memorized:
1. The Canyon is Calling, by Hannah Cooper Ashby
2. Invictus, by William Ernest Henley
3. The Road not Taken, by Robert Frost.

If you have a favorite poem let me know and I'll stick it on the list.



The weather is FINALLY warming up here in frozen Idaho. It is so wonderful to not have to wear a chaqueta (that is Spanish for jacket.) It really is marvelous to look out at night and see this beautiful view over our roof.

Alright... not really! But it's pretty close!



Once upon a time I'm taking a Spanish class. I love it with all my heart! Sami, one of my roommates in fluent. Evelyn, not so fluent but a lot better than I am! Recently I have been saying the few phrases I know in Spanish a lot because I'm supposed to practice. Today she got a package from her family that was full of candy and had some money as well. She walked in
the bedroom to put her things away and I yelled after her "COMO ESTAS?" I hear her say "Muy bien." She then walks out of the bedroom, realizes she is holding a twenty dollar bill to do with what ever she pleases. Her eyes lit up and she said in a some what creepy tone holding the money close to her face and jumping "MUY BIEN!!!!"

This is a picture of my beautiful Evelyn :) We are now on our way to Costa Vida! (Which is also Spanish) :)


Winter Quotes

1. You're a jerk. Jerks get their pretzels stolen.... or maybe we'll just sit on you.

2. Oh my!

3. The snow here is so hard that you step on it and it's like oh, my foot it's broken!

4. Soooo.... can I have your bed?

5. Yeah, yeah. That'd be good.

6. Not that you care...

7. Holy Cablowly!

8. "How do you pasteurize an egg?" "Boil the Chicken!"

9. Ahh! My collarbone! I'm having a heart attack!

10. Good morning Cordelia... Ahh! She's dead! I'm going to be a terrible mother!
-complete melt down ensues-

11. "Can I do it in the kitchen?" "Eww! Sick!"

12. "If I read my scriptures after midnight can I still count it for today?" "No! telestial! TELESTIAL!!"

13. Steak fries?

14. What's the probability of BURNING IN HELL!

15. M&M's?!?

Spring Semester

My roommates and I are all staying for Spring Semester. Which means.... We are living together again! Yeah! We are going to have many more funny nights in our robes, cutting hair, blasting music, telling stories, stealing food, and occasionally working in time for homework. :)


The Pasture

I was attending a mens choir concert here. (YUM YUM!) A song was sung entitled 'The Pasture' it was based on a poem by Robert Frost. As we all know Robert Frost is my all time favorite poet. This poem was written about a couple that have been together for a long time. It shows that even the most mundane and every day tasks are better when they are together.

I'm going out to clean the pasture spring;
I'll only stop to rake the leaves away
(And wait to watch the water clear, I may):
I shan't be gone long. -- You come too.

I'm going out to fetch the little calf
That's standing by the mother. It's so young,
It totters when she licks it with her tongue.
I shan't be gone long. -- You come too.

Below is a link to the song. Sorry about the poor quality, they do have lovely voices though :D


15 Things About Me!

My dear sweet roommate Hannah has been telling me to do this. I figure it's about time....

1. I love love love LOVE queso. (You know that yummy processed cheese you dip chips in. Yum yum!)

2. I love walk and talks. Here at the good old BYU-I there are not many places to be alone, so when you want to talk to someone about something but you don't want all your roommates to know you go on a walk and talk!!

3. I love to get up before my roommates (which is generally really early) and take really long, hot showers. Again, you are never alone up here and shower time in the morning is the only time I have to be by myself.

4. I LOVE chapstick! I'm totally addicted, however, I often loose it which makes me extremely frustrated.

5. I've been thinking about being a photographer when I grow up.

6. My favoritest color in the whole wide world is YELLOW! Not the yuck mustard yellow, the bright happy sunflower yellow that makes you just want to smile.

7. My fondest childhood memory was going up to the pasture and feeding the horses with Dad. I remember we got into this habit of him picking me up and putting my on Stacy's feed thingy. She would take a bite and pull her head out and look up at me and I would just sit and talk and pat her.

8. The scariest dream I ever had took place when Nikki and I had bunk-beds. These green aliens with yellow spots came and pulled Nikki through the crack and under the bed and I think they were going to eat her. So of course I had to save her. I jumped down and kicked under the bed until the alien cried and ran away. It was terrifying.

9. I remember reading "The Man Who Never Did His Dishes" when I was little. I remember thinking how disgusting that was and I never wanted to be like that. Sometimes there are a lot of dishes in the sink. But I never stack them any where else!!

10. My favorite thing ever would have to be sitting snuggled up in a blanket with warm fuzzy socks while reading a good book with a warm cup of hot cocoa. Even better yet is when it's raining outside and I can hear the steady pounding outside with the occasional burst of thunder.

11. I love riding in the car with Miss Kylee Hadfield. We drive as fast as we can with all the windows rolled down and some new girl power song turned as loud as it will possibly go. We're both dancing and laughing while drinking a caffeinated beverage of some kind. (Don't tell mom but this is what we did every summer for the past three years. :D

12. I believe that God asked me in the pre-existence "Katherine, I need an other land formation. What do you think we should do?" I exclaimed with enthusiasm "MOUNTAINS!! Don't worry, I got this one." He then chuckled and said "I knew you'd say that."

13. I love sweaters. I even stole one from Heidi at Old Navy. :)

14. I love the feeling of soil. There is something about planting and caring for little baby plants and watching them grow that I just can't get enough of.

15. I love waking up on Sundays rather early, (about 6) and turning classical music on very softly then opening all the curtains in our apartment and letting the beautiful sunrise fill our tiny apartment.


Hannah's Life Story

If ya'll haven't noticed I have the best roommates in the whole world. We also get really bored sometimes. This is Hannah telling us her life's story. I thought it was hilarious.

The Canyon is Calling

This poem, written by my great great Grandmother often enters my thoughts these days:

The canyon is calling with soothing refrain

The valley is seething with heat.

The young of the forest are roving again

In the depths of their mountain retreat

I long to rest there in the shade of the trees,

And drink from the brooklet so cool,

With mind and with heart as completely at ease

As lilies that float on the pool.

The song of a thrush and the whiff of perfume

Caught up by zephyr or air

Would bring me respite from the heat and the gloom.

I long, how I long to be there.

The canyon is calling with wild luring strain;

A chant that the wood fairies know.

I cannot ignore it, resistance is vain

The canyon is calling. I go.

I never understood how lucky I was to work up the canyon. Being in Idaho, where there are no canyons, has been a bit of a challenge. Just as the words in this poem say "I cannot ignore it, resistance is vain, The canyon is calling. I go" Oh, how I wish I could follow this luring stain! My need for the canyon never goes away, and I long, how I long to be there.


Roomies Winter '11

These are THE sweetest, more beautiful girls you could ever hope to meet. Left to right Hannah, Evelyn, and Sami. I love these girls so much, we eat Sunday dinner together, this was our first one. Rump roast, tatoes and carrots cooked in my crock pot. If I may say so myself.

We also like to play games together. Phase 10 and Mau are our favorites!

Thanks for the beginning of a great semester girlies, here's to many more memories!

Miss Hannah Brand

This is my dear sweet roomie, Miss Hannah. I love her with all my heart. A few of our favorite things to do together include: giggling, talking until we fall asleep, watching movies, helping each other with homework, saying prayers and singing.

(By the way, this mound of snow next to Hannah is a very small one. There is often snow this tall lining parking lots and driveways)

Hannah is a very silly girl. I believe this is when she gave up on her math homework. The best part was the "UGGGHHHHHH!!!" sound she kept making until I gave her some attention :)

You know you have the best roommate in the world when they write your name on the kitchen table with chocolate.


My Favorite Little Brother

I found this picture while I was looking through my phone. Isn't he CUTE!? I miss this little boy sooo much. He just turned 12, which is totally insane because I remember the day he was born (not very clearly but I remember!)

Thanks for all the fun Shorty, I love you with all my heart and I'm so proud of everything you've done. From winning the poetry contest, auditioning for Les Mis, getting your homework done, and being all the little kids favorite uncle.

Love you!