Antoine de Saint-Exupery once said:
"True happiness comes from the joy of deeds well done, the zest of creating things new."

I always thought that to create something of value you had to be creative, you had to be artistic, musically talented, or well versed.

I was introduced to this Mormon Message and it has since become my inspiration. For what? Something of value to me. Which is all that matters. Right?

True happiness comes from hard work, perseverance, persistence, determination, a little natural talent and a huge vision.


Sprinkle Tongues!

We made an AMAZING discovery this week!
(Please remember that it is finals week, we are all running on very little sleep, food, and brain power because our poor little thinkers have been fried.)



An Interesting Experience

**Viewer Discretion Advised**
May contain potty humor

This morning I had a very interesting experience, one I have never been privileged to have before... I really hope I never have it again.
I woke up at 5:30 and put on a dress and walked up to the temple and had a very wonderful experience. However, in my haste to have that wonderful teaching lesson I forgot to do certain things that normal people do in the morning, like go to the bathroom.
When I got home about 7:30 am I talked with Evelyn for a little while and then decided that I needed to shower. As I was walking to my room to get my clothes I realized how desperately I had to go to the bathroom! I calmly reasoned to myself that I would collect the things I needed to shower and then I would go. As soon as I had picked out my clothes and was about to head to the bathroom Sam walked out of her bedroom, went into the bathroom and turned on the shower. About this point I realized that I was in major trouble. My face looked a little like this:
I decided to pick up my room.... not helping! Finally I realized I was not going to make it if I didn't take action NOW! What to do?! I can't go to the neighbor... it's way to early for that. THE SMITH!! Luckily I live on campus and the closest building is just down the hill. I put on my shoes and headed down in a very nonchalant manner.
As I was walking out of the complex a crow (I HATE crows) took fright and sounded up the alarm, he scared the heck out of me in the process and I nearly did something regrettable. I picked up the pace and put on my serious face so that no one would talk to me.
Don't worry, I made it! But just barely. Moral of the story: Always go to the bathroom right when you wake up!!