A Project

I had to make a cover for a project in Missionary Preparation. The only requirement given:
"Be proud of it."

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15 Minutes of Fame

On BYU-I's home page they have these wonderful pictures of beautiful people smiling around campus. They recently updated these pictures; I was so glad to be looking at new faces that I decided to look at all the pictures.

You can imagine my surprise when I saw myself in one of the new pictures! I know it's me because that is my pink backpack! So obviously there is no other person in the world it could possibly be! But I also have more evidence, she also has my baggy jeans (this is a dead give away, no one else on campus ever wears baggy jeans, these girls are here to get married, they always look their best!)

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Beauty, Truth, and Goodness

A few weeks ago while I was sitting reverently in Tuesday devotional the speaker said something that really caught my attention. He talked about keeping our thoughts pure, and how literature is a wonderful way to accomplish this. Now, I like to believe that I have a fairly clean mind.


Funny story about having a clean mind. Often times I'll be sitting with my roommate and boys (that are there for her, not me.) One of them will say something and they all bust up laughing. I never understood what was so funny and would always try to get them to explain it to me. They never would. The only explanation I ever got was "You'd be shocked, you're too classy." Finally, my roommate told me, "When the boys and I are laughing don't ask, you really don't want to know." See? Clean mind.


After hearing this I decided to memorize a poem a week. With school and everything a week should give me enough time even if I can't work on it for a few days. It's been the most wonderful experience anyone could ever have! I'm on week three and these poems keep floating through my head at times when I need a little extra push.

Poems I have memorized:
1. The Canyon is Calling, by Hannah Cooper Ashby
2. Invictus, by William Ernest Henley
3. The Road not Taken, by Robert Frost.

If you have a favorite poem let me know and I'll stick it on the list.