Once upon a time I'm taking a Spanish class. I love it with all my heart! Sami, one of my roommates in fluent. Evelyn, not so fluent but a lot better than I am! Recently I have been saying the few phrases I know in Spanish a lot because I'm supposed to practice. Today she got a package from her family that was full of candy and had some money as well. She walked in
the bedroom to put her things away and I yelled after her "COMO ESTAS?" I hear her say "Muy bien." She then walks out of the bedroom, realizes she is holding a twenty dollar bill to do with what ever she pleases. Her eyes lit up and she said in a some what creepy tone holding the money close to her face and jumping "MUY BIEN!!!!"

This is a picture of my beautiful Evelyn :) We are now on our way to Costa Vida! (Which is also Spanish) :)


Winter Quotes

1. You're a jerk. Jerks get their pretzels stolen.... or maybe we'll just sit on you.

2. Oh my!

3. The snow here is so hard that you step on it and it's like oh, my foot it's broken!

4. Soooo.... can I have your bed?

5. Yeah, yeah. That'd be good.

6. Not that you care...

7. Holy Cablowly!

8. "How do you pasteurize an egg?" "Boil the Chicken!"

9. Ahh! My collarbone! I'm having a heart attack!

10. Good morning Cordelia... Ahh! She's dead! I'm going to be a terrible mother!
-complete melt down ensues-

11. "Can I do it in the kitchen?" "Eww! Sick!"

12. "If I read my scriptures after midnight can I still count it for today?" "No! telestial! TELESTIAL!!"

13. Steak fries?

14. What's the probability of BURNING IN HELL!

15. M&M's?!?

Spring Semester

My roommates and I are all staying for Spring Semester. Which means.... We are living together again! Yeah! We are going to have many more funny nights in our robes, cutting hair, blasting music, telling stories, stealing food, and occasionally working in time for homework. :)