As I sit here on my bed surrounded by laundry that needs to be folded; with a load across the room that needs to be taken to the wash, I feel an overwhelming desire to get my thoughts out. About what though? There has been so much running through my head as of late. I've been trying not to make plans, guess how well that's worked.

I feel like I'm at a huge turning point in my life. There are so many different, wonderful paths I could take. The hardest, and most exciting part is: I get to choose. In the end I'm the one that has to love the life I've chosen. I have to live with the person I've become. I'm quickly learning that there are no black and white answers. There is not one thing that is bad, and one thing that is good. Or even a good, better, and best. Many times there is a best, best, and best in every choice. These answers change based on the person in a given situation and their story. History changes everything, which is why advise should be given when asked for, and judgments should never be made. We're all doing the best we can with what we've been given. Who could ask for more?

Let me clarify. I'm happier than anyone could possibly imagine. I have a beautiful life, filled with the most supportive boyfriend, silliest family, and caring friends anyone could ever ask for. There isn't a happier girl in the world; or a more thoughtful one. 

With that, I must finish my laundry.