I'mma Big Kid Now

Every once and a while I do something and then think What the? This is an adult thing!

Like today:

I was too young during the last presidential election. But I've followed this entire election process and feel I made very informed choices. (I not only researched the presidential candidates, but the ones for the various state positions as well. It was fantastic!)

Also, buying groceries. That's still sometimes weird to me. I wait until I have nothing left to eat to go shopping because I still expect to say to my mom: "Hey, we're almost out of (place random food item here)" and have it magically appear in a few days. 


Going To School To Get Some Knowledge

I've joined the Pre-PA society at school. It has been highly educational and has given me so many amazing opportunities to learn more about what I'll be doing as a PA. 

1) This last week we learned how to do a simple interrupted suture! (I was going to post a picture but I don't know how solid your stomachs are.)
2) I also learned that you cannot practice suture's on a banana like they do on Grey's Anatomy, the banana's peel rips very easily and it just makes everyone frustrated.
3) Lastly, I learned that when you get an EJ (external jugular, AKA someone sticks a needle in your neck) It leaves you much more sore then being stuck in the arm. 

AND I was accepted for the PA trip! My professor's are taking 4 PA students to Phoenix and Las Vegas next month to visit several graduate schools and hopefully give us a leg up with it comes time to apply. What an exciting time this is.


The Waiting Game

I've submitted my mission papers for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. This will be an 18 month voluntary excursion were I will be assigned by the leaders of my religion to an area of the world (this could be in the states or almost anywhere outside of the country,) I could be speaking nearly any language that exists. 

I will be giving my time, completely of my own will. I will be serving others everyday for 18 months. 

I will be receiving my call, this tells me where and when I will be serving, in just two short weeks. I would like to get a feel for where people think I might be called. You have 2 guesses. Post them below and I'll put them on an online map. 

Good luck!

By the way, there could potentially be a prize for the closest guess, no promises. I'm a starving college student.

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Another Post About Mountains

For those of you that don't understand my obsession with mountains, I apologize. I love them, they make me feel safe, and secure, and like I'm home. Don't get me wrong, I love Idaho. But my heart aches for Utah; for MY mountains. 

Here is most of Idaho:

Here is our hill. It's actually called R Mountain, but the natives call anything a mountain. It's really just a steep hill.

"I like being near a mountain top. One can't get lost here." --Wislawa Szymborka