Going To School To Get Some Knowledge

I've joined the Pre-PA society at school. It has been highly educational and has given me so many amazing opportunities to learn more about what I'll be doing as a PA. 

1) This last week we learned how to do a simple interrupted suture! (I was going to post a picture but I don't know how solid your stomachs are.)
2) I also learned that you cannot practice suture's on a banana like they do on Grey's Anatomy, the banana's peel rips very easily and it just makes everyone frustrated.
3) Lastly, I learned that when you get an EJ (external jugular, AKA someone sticks a needle in your neck) It leaves you much more sore then being stuck in the arm. 

AND I was accepted for the PA trip! My professor's are taking 4 PA students to Phoenix and Las Vegas next month to visit several graduate schools and hopefully give us a leg up with it comes time to apply. What an exciting time this is.


  1. Thats seriously awesome! ...But I do appreciate you saving those pictures for yourself.

  2. Fantastic, Katie! All of your hard work is paying off.