As I sit here on my bed surrounded by laundry that needs to be folded; with a load across the room that needs to be taken to the wash, I feel an overwhelming desire to get my thoughts out. About what though? There has been so much running through my head as of late. I've been trying not to make plans, guess how well that's worked.

I feel like I'm at a huge turning point in my life. There are so many different, wonderful paths I could take. The hardest, and most exciting part is: I get to choose. In the end I'm the one that has to love the life I've chosen. I have to live with the person I've become. I'm quickly learning that there are no black and white answers. There is not one thing that is bad, and one thing that is good. Or even a good, better, and best. Many times there is a best, best, and best in every choice. These answers change based on the person in a given situation and their story. History changes everything, which is why advise should be given when asked for, and judgments should never be made. We're all doing the best we can with what we've been given. Who could ask for more?

Let me clarify. I'm happier than anyone could possibly imagine. I have a beautiful life, filled with the most supportive boyfriend, silliest family, and caring friends anyone could ever ask for. There isn't a happier girl in the world; or a more thoughtful one. 

With that, I must finish my laundry. 


A Dear Friend

I just had to take a moment and appreciate a dear friend of mine. (I hope this doesn't embarrass her). Her name is Melissa, and she's pretty fun. We knew each other in high school and got a long well but never really knew each other well. 

When Melissa married her husband and moved to good ol' Rexburg we got back in contact. We now see each other a few times a month and always have a great time. Mel just texted me, here is a sample of our conversation. She cracks me up. 

Mel: "Hey! Are you into yoga at all?"
Me: "I've never done it. I'm not very coordinated. What's up?"

--Some talk about yoga and schedules-- 

Mel: "Ok. We might need a cupcake too."
Me: "Phenomenal idea. This is why we're friends."
Mel: "Yep. Pretty much. And if we can't make yoga work, cupcakes for sure!!!"  

Thanks for the fun Melissa, and always figuring out a way to work something delicious into our plans. 



“Autumn...the year's last, loveliest smile.” 

I love Autumn. It is by far my favorite season, and November is by far my favorite month. I also love mornings. This morning I left my apartment at 7:40 so I could mosey my way to my 8:00 am class. The air is so crisp, and so pure in the mornings. I don't understand how anyone could dislike mornings, or autumn, or November. I had this texting conversation with my beautiful sister this morning, (She is also a major fan of mornings):

Me: "Goooood Morning!! Are you as excited to be awake as I am? No one else is matching my enthusiasm!"
Heidi: "Are you just getting up? You've wasted the day away ;)" (sent at 7:56)
Me: "I've been up since six! Silly girl. I've finished half the stuff I need to do for today. Yippee!"
Heidi: "Hooray for mornings! I love them! And we get one EVERY day. PS- you're nerdy like me and I love it."

What's your favorite season, month, or time of day?


I'mma Big Kid Now

Every once and a while I do something and then think What the? This is an adult thing!

Like today:

I was too young during the last presidential election. But I've followed this entire election process and feel I made very informed choices. (I not only researched the presidential candidates, but the ones for the various state positions as well. It was fantastic!)

Also, buying groceries. That's still sometimes weird to me. I wait until I have nothing left to eat to go shopping because I still expect to say to my mom: "Hey, we're almost out of (place random food item here)" and have it magically appear in a few days. 


Going To School To Get Some Knowledge

I've joined the Pre-PA society at school. It has been highly educational and has given me so many amazing opportunities to learn more about what I'll be doing as a PA. 

1) This last week we learned how to do a simple interrupted suture! (I was going to post a picture but I don't know how solid your stomachs are.)
2) I also learned that you cannot practice suture's on a banana like they do on Grey's Anatomy, the banana's peel rips very easily and it just makes everyone frustrated.
3) Lastly, I learned that when you get an EJ (external jugular, AKA someone sticks a needle in your neck) It leaves you much more sore then being stuck in the arm. 

AND I was accepted for the PA trip! My professor's are taking 4 PA students to Phoenix and Las Vegas next month to visit several graduate schools and hopefully give us a leg up with it comes time to apply. What an exciting time this is.


The Waiting Game

I've submitted my mission papers for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. This will be an 18 month voluntary excursion were I will be assigned by the leaders of my religion to an area of the world (this could be in the states or almost anywhere outside of the country,) I could be speaking nearly any language that exists. 

I will be giving my time, completely of my own will. I will be serving others everyday for 18 months. 

I will be receiving my call, this tells me where and when I will be serving, in just two short weeks. I would like to get a feel for where people think I might be called. You have 2 guesses. Post them below and I'll put them on an online map. 

Good luck!

By the way, there could potentially be a prize for the closest guess, no promises. I'm a starving college student.

View Called to Serve in a larger map


Another Post About Mountains

For those of you that don't understand my obsession with mountains, I apologize. I love them, they make me feel safe, and secure, and like I'm home. Don't get me wrong, I love Idaho. But my heart aches for Utah; for MY mountains. 

Here is most of Idaho:

Here is our hill. It's actually called R Mountain, but the natives call anything a mountain. It's really just a steep hill.

"I like being near a mountain top. One can't get lost here." --Wislawa Szymborka 


There Were Never Such Devoted Sisters

This post is dedicated to Lindsay and Nikki (my sisters on either side. Sorry Heidi and Kristi!)

Lindsay is currently serving an 18 month mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. She has always been there for me. Lindsay is 4 years older than me, I don't feel like we really grew up together but she has been my biggest supporter and friend at all hours of the day and night. She is everyone's best friend and has taught me so much about patience. She is also an amazing scriptorian. I miss her more than I can explain. She is the strongest, most beautiful woman and I can't wait to see her again.

Nikki is my younger, by 2 years, sister. My other sisters I call by name, but when I tell a story about Nikki I just say 'My sister.' Nikki is the goofiest, smartest, loving-est sister. She is the one I remember in all my childhood memories and most of my grown up memories. She is my best friend and I'm so grateful that we have gotten so close in these past few months and years. Nikki can always make me laugh, she has an extremely quick wit. I love that she allows me to see the side of her that she doesn't show to most people. I miss living with her. (even though she always uses my clothes without asking.) 

I have been blessed with four of God's choice women as sisters, and more importantly; friends. 


Creativity in Progress

A few of my more frequent readers may remember that I am trying to become a more creative person. Those of you that know anything about me realize that this isn't nearly as easy as it sounds. 

This weekend my sisters, mom and I went to Park City for Swiss Days. We generally all bring a craft to work on. I saw something on pinterest that I fell in love with and had to have. After a miserable failed attempt, I tried something else but I hated the end product. (Sorry, I'm not going to post it. It was awful.) 

In the end, (after a few more changes) I am happy with the outcome and am grateful that I didn't give into my frustrations with the first few attempts. 

Now I've got this lovely art work hanging in my room. 

I'm slowly working my way up the creative ladder. 


So Entirely Blessed

Today I was thinking about where my life was 5 months ago, and comparing it to where I am today. I can't even explain the amazing changes I have made and the person I have become. I want to take just a moment and thank the people that have helped me make these changes; I know without them, and their examples I would not be half the women I am today.

I am grateful for the men in my life. They are so caring and are always there when I need them. They are the perfect friends and always seem to give me a compliment at the moment I need it. I'm grateful for their ability to forgive my errors and continue to strengthen and support me, even when my ideas are ridiculous. I couldn't ask for a more solid and loyal group of males, both friends and family.

I also love the women in my life. To all the girlfriends that support me unconditionally: I'd never have made it without y'all. I am better just having met them and I strive to be the woman that my friends make me out to be. 

My good friend told me the other day: "No one is better than anyone else, we are all at the same level and we all need each other to succeed" I know that these people have changed my life and I pray that I will never have to know a time without them.


Finding Nirvana

Men are great and everything. I love them. But they are nothing compared to mountains! Where else can you feel so at home, so close to heaven, and so tiny and insignificant all in the same moment? 

I summited Mt. Timpanogos for the first time on Saturday. It was a glorious experience.

See? That is even my name on the registry. 

My older sister Heidi asked me to say 'Hi' to the mountain goats for her. I did. They said 'Hey' back.

I found Nirvana and didn't want to leave.

Alright.... I might have gone with a man. But it's just Ben, so he hardly counts. He's more of a that-older-brother-I-never-had kind of relationship.



I would like to take a moment and reflect on two of the best friends I have ever had. 

Meet Landon. This handsome hunk has been in my life for years. I met him in 8th grade and we've had our ups and downs, as every relationship does. He was my first love and now is my best friend. He graciously opened his door to my last boyfriend  when he came home with me to meet my family (can you say awkward?) He let me cry all over his shirt when I lost a friend.  He has skyped me while sitting in the middle of a college course, and he was always there to tell me when I was being stupid. I once even tore my pants in front of him. He is encouraging, happy, helpful, patient, open and honest. He put up with my crazy schemes and was always willing to put one of my plans into action.  He is serving a two year mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Days Saints in Belo Horizante, Brazil, he'll hit his one year mark August 10th. I'm so proud of the man he is turning into and I can't wait to see him again. 

This little stud is Frazier. I met him my first semester of college, we had a few classes together. Frazier tried unsuccessfully to get my number about five times; he was a little shy about it. Eventually he came out and said: "Katherine, can I please get your number? I really need help on my homework." or something to that effect. We soon became good friends. (Mostly because I made sure he finished his homework and fed him lunch almost every day.) We always had a lot of fun together. He made me laugh uncontrollably with his beat boxing skills and crazy dance moves. We loved to have towel fights and do the dishes together. He's also ridiculously good at making jello. He is serving in Albuquerque, New Mexico and hits his one year mark July 29th.

I love these boys with all my heart and miss them dearly. Can't believe it's already been a year!


Self Reflection

This summer has given me lots to think about; mainly about what kind of wife and mother I'm going to be. (I'm not planning on getting married any time in the near future, but it's been on my mind a lot.) I have amazing women in my life who are such great examples to me of what kind of woman I should be, the problem is, I'm not that woman most of the time. 
I decided to start small, after all I have eternity to work on this, right? I changed my eating habits. (Eating cheese and BBQ quesadillas for every meal probably isn't the best idea when trying to raise a healthy little family.) When I started craving apples and bananas I decided I could move on to something else. 

I'm now working on cooking and being creative. (This is what I call 'Heidi Things' My oldest sister is my biggest role model, but that's a post for another time.)

I'm a fair cook, and I enjoy it. Right now I'm actually working on apricot fruit leather (with apple sauce instead of sugar!) It's fun to slowly see myself turn into the person I want to be. 

Have you had a similar self reflection time? What are your tricks for becoming a better person?


And Along Came a Spider

 I was laying on the couch with this adorable boy sleeping on my chest

While I was wrapped up in reading Jane Eyre, (highly recommend it!) My father walked into the room and was talking to my mom on the other couch and then says to me: "Oh look, there's a spider hanging down." He's pointing in my direction. Now, I normally ignore people while I'm reading but he caught my attention at the word spider. I don't do spiders, they freak me out and leave me jumpy and shaking. 

I carefully followed his finger and found that there was indeed a spider hanging down. It was hanging about 6 inches in front of my face! I'm not proud of what happened next. But it was involuntary. I started screaming, something to the effect of, "Get it! Get it! Why are you just sitting there? Get it! Get it! Get it!" I also started moving the only direction I could; into the couch, the blasted spider had cut off my retreat. I continued to  scream nearly in tears. By this point little Ev was wide awake and screaming as well. 

It seemed like an eternity before Dad stood up and clapped the little demon between his hands, while he laughed at me. Poor Ev took a lot of persuading to calm his screams. But can you blame him? He was almost eaten by a spider! 


Plans, Plans, Plans.

Alright, we ALL know by now how much I love planning. Whenever I think about grad school I think about this cute little studio apartment in California with orange walls. Don't ask me why, I never would ever paint my house orange, I'm more of a neutral or dark person. (I don't mean I like dark things, although some people might debate that. I'm simply saying that I feel dark colors make a house more cozy.)

I was recently looking online and found this beauty:

This is exactly what I want my cute little studio apartment to look like. Please tell me it's not adorable. 


Oh, The Joy!

I love planning, so much! My sisters are always listening to my plans, nodding and saying: "That sounds great, but don't be too sad when it doesn't turn out that way." Well sisters, this one is turning out just how I want it to!

Tonight I spent hours researching and deciding which classes I want to take for the rest of my undergraduate career. It was so exciting to be planning school stuff again and I can't wait for all of my classes, I honestly have the best major. Here is my class schedule for the rest of my Bachelors. (mostly, there is one class that my school seems to have discontinued that I need to graduate. Which could potentially be a big problem, but it'll work out.) 

Oh, and you have to insert an 18 month religious adventure after Fall 2012. But, just think. I only have four semesters when I get home! And a baby semester with only one class that only lasts 7 weeks, but we aren't counting that one. The end is so near I can practically taste it. 



Lately I feel like there is a lot going on that isn't in my control. (Which has been really difficult for me, I am a planner, I like making lists and checking things off.) So I've found the best form of therapy.

It keeps me busy, and helps me not worry about the things I can't control or plan.
 It's fantastic!


Eating Crow

I hated caffeine. I thought it was an evil drug that would eventually kill you. But I'm getting ahead of myself 

This last semester I was having a lot of eye pain when I studied. I thought it was just from reading so much, so I dealt with it and continued to kick trash in school. When I got home I was still having a lot of pain, and it was getting worse. I asked Mom to get me an eye appointment thinking I might need glasses. 

We go and I have all sorts of crazy things happen to my eyes. (I've only been to the eye doctor once before and I was pretty little. The eye doctor is to me as the dentist is to most children) We learned I have perfect vision. 


We also learned that I have mild migraines set on by the use of my eyes. (Which explains a lot.) My beloved doctor told me to try Excedrin. (a drug that has caffeine in it...) 

"Evil caffeine" I thought. "I've lived with the pain this long, I'll just deal with it." But later that day we ran to the store and got the despicable medication. 

Let's just say that I've learned a lesson. Everything has a time and place. When used within certain limits and with care, anything can be amazing, even caffeine. 


Trying New Things

Today I did something that I have never done before!

I sat and talked with a paramedic in one of these:
Considering I've never been in an ambulance it was a very neat experience

I also was invited to come to a training and got to ride in the front seat of one of these:

Also a very neat experience. I thought of my six year-old nephew and how jealous he would be. 


My Desire

My Great-Great Grandmother Hannah Cropper Ashby was a wonderful poet. I was recently reading the book of poems she had published and stumbled across this little gem:


I want to walk the way of life 
Steady and unafraid.
I want to walk the way of life
With men that God has made.
Not with the proud and haughty few,
Who boast of wealth and power;
But with those who bear the heavy load
Of every day and hour. 

I can't wait until this is me!


Another Dream

While walking to the MC I had another dream; it involved:

A bakery in London
Cliffs in Ireland
A beach in Germany
A boat in Austria
And a modest home in Italy that looks a little something like this:


Weight Loss Program

For all of those interested I've found a new weight loss program! It's incredibly effective and fairly simple. 

All you have to do is set your dreams and expectations of yourself way higher then is physically attainable and before you know it you start thinking "I'm kinda hungry... not to the point of passing out though, I'll get a few more hours of homework in." 

Give it a try, let me know what you think. I've already had a few friends try it and they were amazed with the results!


Announcement! Announcement!

I have officially decided where I'm going to grad school!

I'm currently looking at two schools in California.


Because, by the time I graduate from the good ol' BYU-Potato I'll have survived way too many of these:

And I'll deserve some relaxation time at one of these: 


Vital Capacity

I learned something very exciting today! 

A vital capacity is the maximum amount of air you can expel. Here is the equation to find out your own vital capacity: 

Male: VC = 0.052H - 0.022A - 3.60
Female: VC = 0.041H - 0.018A - 2.69

(H= height in cm; A= age in years)

Mine is 3.42 liters. When we tested our lung capacity in my anatomy lab guess what mine was...

You got it! 3.4 liters! That's right, my lungs are working at maximum capacity, they can't get any more efficient  then they currently are. Pretty fantastic right? Even my professor was impressed when he saw my results. 

No big deal. 


This is My Life

After a rough day of several people asking if I was dating someone, and having no good reason for why I wasn't, (when did it become their business anyway?) I sat down and vented about one of my major frustrations with the Mormon culture. It's nothing special, but made me feel a little better. 

After months of toil, trouble, and tears
My life has direction, purpose, and grace
I feel complete
I’ve worked hard for this,
I know where I’m going; and I take delight in the path

I smile and think of the life I’ve intended,
It’s brilliant, terrific, fantastic, and grand!
I see myself living on the east and the west
School is accomplished and my career brings respite
I’m surrounded by beauty and individuals to help

I sigh in content
Yes, this is my life

I’ve forgotten, no, it’s not possible
Something so pressing, so ingrained in my mind
I’ve been taught to relish and dream of that day
When I in white and he in a tux
 promise never to part

Quickly, quickly, Throw him in somewhere!
I’m told he’ll make me whole


I’m already whole, this life I have organized
This is what I want

Someday, perhaps, I’ll find the one
That can tame my heart and calm my mind
Until that fateful day
I’ll live my life
 Magnificent and bright

 Yes, this is my life


Celebrity Crush

Me -- "What's James Bond's name?" 

Mom --"Daniel Craig, why?" 

Me -- "He's a good looking man, I like his eyes, and his pecks."

Mom-- "Down girl."

Me -- "What? I'm allowed to have a celebrity crush."

Mom -- "Yeah, but I already picked him. He's miiine. Get your own."

Me -- "Mom, you're married, no crushes for you."

Mom -- "blsgsssh, *blows raspberry* whatever."

That awkward moment when you find out you're attracted to the same men as your mother... 


Family Ramblings

I don't often get to go home during the semester. It's sometimes really hard, I'm only four hours away but I only see my family once every four months. 

I was able to head down for Lindsay's farewell. (She'll be serving a mission in the New York, New York North mission, Spanish Speaking!) I realized how much my family means to me. My sisters range from age 30 to 17, there are five of us. When we were younger we didn't often get along. (Nikki and I would often fight. She threw a garbage can at my head once... and a skate. needless to say, we didn't get a long.)

Now, is quiet a different story. I love my sisters. They are honestly my best friends. I love that I cannot see them for four months and pick up where we left off the moment I see them. I love being one of the 'Kindlespire Girls'

I love calling them, or getting phones calls and talking forever about nothing. I also love calling in the middle of the night and freaking out about something insignificant. 

I love that Mom is always there to talk, she gives the best hugs, plays the piano like an angel, makes the best desserts you have EVER tasted, she has fantastic taste in movies and is telling me about some classic to watch. I'm so grateful that she educated me in music, art, and poetry and has shared her passion for everything beautiful. 

My father is the funniest guy you'll ever meet! (Don't tell him I said that, we try not to encourage him) He always knows exactly what to say (although often times I think he ends up listening more than giving advice. He's also really good at saying: "That's really cute." or "Darling.") I'm also grateful for the little lessons he taught me, whether it be working hard or saying prayers.

My family is the best. They were meant for me, I know that when we are finally altogether in two and a half years (Lindsay leaves on a mission this month and I'll over lap her by about 6 months.) it'll be like we never parted. I am so grateful for the knowledge that families are forever.

P.S. David is pretty awesome too. Sometimes we text until midnight (Mom, if you're reading this... I'm speaking figuratively.... not literally.) 


Some People's Children...

Again, Samantha and Colt were kind enough to invite me to their Family Home Evening. Sam gave me the very important task of picking our activity. I thought about it all day! Button Button Who's got the Button? (I learned today that this game is NOT called Peter, Peter, Who's got the button?) Cat and Mouse? And then my mother came up with a brilliant idea!

Step 1:
Wrap some delicious candy in several layers of newspaper and tape. (The point it to make it very difficult to get to the candy)

Step 2:
Acquire some large gloves, a spoon, and a pair of die. 

Step 3:
Find a few friends that are very competitive.

Step 4:
Take turns rolling the die, if anyone gets doubles they put the gloves on try to break into the candy using the spoon.

The point of this game is to be the first one to the candy. It's really frustrating, there were several times when someone would just barely get the gloves on and then someone else rolls doubles. 

Why yes, Sam is a little cheater! 

Don't worry, I won the game, but I decided to share my scrumptious sour candies.

Don't ask....

Afterwards we made cookies... kinda, they were a little gooey so we ate them with spoons.   

Sam and I both LOVE magic, Colt entertained us for a while and showed us this nifty little trick.... I can't do it, but Sam figured it out, and it sure looks cool!


And the winner is......

Dear Sisters, 

I would merely like to inform you have I have officially won the cutest sister contest. Your Queen commands that there will be no further discussion on the topic. You may henceforth and forever call me:

Her Majesty, Queen Cuteums.



As I was walking home from the library tonight (with pretty much the same face I posted last time) I saw a cowboy! We all know that as soon as most girls see a boy in a plaid shirt and cowboy hat their knees go weak. I am no exception. He looked a lot like this guy only not as old and his shirt was red plaid.

Soo... Like any normal girl I caught his eye and smiled. He looked at me and tipped, yes, I said TIPPED his hat at me. Oh my, I nearly died! He asked me how I was doing and it took nearly everything I had not to purpose to him right there. 

He walked away and I grinned all the way home. 


I'ma Junior

It's nights like this that I have to continue telling myself...

I love my major...
I love my major...
I love my major...


New Years Eve

Why yes, I did have a fantastic New Years. Thank you for asking. 
 My father made us a fantastic dinner with steak, baked 'tatoes, two different kinds of shrimp, (YUM! I've been craving seafood lately, so that was a really good call.) bread, nasty mushrooms that I didn't touch and some other scrumptious things. 

We then watch Warrior. (Fantastic movie! I love sports movies.) It ended four minutes before midnight. We flipped the channel and watched the ball drop and all let out an excited "Happy New Year!" The people that drink sparkling cider or 'bubbly' popped the top and had a delicate swig. 

Oh, I also got a splendid little camera for Christmas. (It's okay to be jealous. I'm kinda a big deal.) This is my beautiful little sisnerd. I wish she would have allowed me to video tape the cute little nerd snort she was doing. She's weird.... I'm not sure why she is so popular.

 This is my other favorite sister. Look how adorable she is. I sometimes think she looks like a Japanese anime character.

 Oh, I'm taking a poll. Who do you think would win the cutest sister contest? Please vote! If you don't know my sisters just guess. I'm pretty sure there are pictures of all of them on here somewhere....