“Autumn...the year's last, loveliest smile.” 

I love Autumn. It is by far my favorite season, and November is by far my favorite month. I also love mornings. This morning I left my apartment at 7:40 so I could mosey my way to my 8:00 am class. The air is so crisp, and so pure in the mornings. I don't understand how anyone could dislike mornings, or autumn, or November. I had this texting conversation with my beautiful sister this morning, (She is also a major fan of mornings):

Me: "Goooood Morning!! Are you as excited to be awake as I am? No one else is matching my enthusiasm!"
Heidi: "Are you just getting up? You've wasted the day away ;)" (sent at 7:56)
Me: "I've been up since six! Silly girl. I've finished half the stuff I need to do for today. Yippee!"
Heidi: "Hooray for mornings! I love them! And we get one EVERY day. PS- you're nerdy like me and I love it."

What's your favorite season, month, or time of day?

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  1. I love you, fellow morning nerd! And I love November, too! Mwah!