For Dad

My father texted me today and said "Katie, three words. BLOG UP DATE" Funny thing is, he doesn't comment on anything so how am I to know that anyone actually reads my blog?!

Anyway, here is your blog update Daddy, This is my buddy Frazier. He's in my English and Science classes, and comes over quite a bit because I feed him and help him with his homework. He affectionately refers to me as 'mom' as do all my roommates.

Frazier has this crazy beat boxing talent he also sings and dances and entertains us all quite a bit. So, without further ado, FRAZIER! (forgive him, he's a bit sleep deprived)



Triple Chocolate Trifle. Mmmmmmmmmm, 'nough said. :)

Yummy wrap:) Grilled chicken, avocados, spinach, and ranch dressing. This was a play off a recipe my sister Heidi gave me, hers was a lot better and more in depth. But, I was starving and didn't have all the ingredients. (I'd like to draw your attention to my cute plate! :)

This was a Heidi recipe and its fantastic! Its called Honey Mustard Chicken. I made three pieces so that when I was really hungry I could just toss it in the microwave and have something yummy. It last two days. Thanks Heidi!

Noodles, white sauce, and grilled chicken. I was talking to my family online and they were having a wonderful big Sunday dinner made by my marvelous father. I was eating this. I believe this was the moment that I realized that I was homesick, hungry, and poor. It was hard to learn all those things in the same minute!

By the way, I haven't gained that freshman 15. We have to walk EVERYWHERE! I've lost 10 pounds. Yay!

A new friend

This is my wonderful friend Tyler. He's in my English class and we have a blast! Tyler walks me home after English class, one day I mentioned that my roommate made 'tres leche' (He just got home from a mission to Mexico two months ago.) His eyes lit up and he begged if he could come up and have some after his class. How could I crush that hope?! This picture was taken after he had his cake. He was very excited about it, Caitlin was glad that he approved of it. (By the way, He's 6 foot 4.)

Tyler came over the other day because he needed help with homework (honestly, what would this boy do without me?) He simply had to show me this nasty turf burn he got playing soccer, He tackled a girl!!!! Serves him right. He wouldn't let me clean it and now its infected, serves him right again, :) I'll post another picture if his leg is amputated like I said it would be if he didn't take care of it. ;)

Apple Orchard!

We have a nice apple orchard up here. You go pick your own apples and they are only 50 cents per pound! Obviously we HAD to go! On the way we saw this extremely cute brother and sister. I simply had to take a picture.

Here is Caitlin standing at the beginning of the orchard. There were SO many trees; (I guess that's why its called an orchard, hmm?) and lots of different types of apples, we had a blast climbing trees and picking apples. we ended up with 19 pounds of apples! I had only had nine pounds. :) We're very excited to be eating our very cheap apples for the next few weeks. (I successfully made homemade apple sauce! :D)

Sometimes they were very hard to reach, and more often than not if you jumped to grab a exceptionally scrumptious looking apple you just ended up knocking it off the branch and ending up with an apple landing in your face.

"Look! Its Caitlin and Katherine apples! Lets take a picture!" --Caitlin