Apple Orchard!

We have a nice apple orchard up here. You go pick your own apples and they are only 50 cents per pound! Obviously we HAD to go! On the way we saw this extremely cute brother and sister. I simply had to take a picture.

Here is Caitlin standing at the beginning of the orchard. There were SO many trees; (I guess that's why its called an orchard, hmm?) and lots of different types of apples, we had a blast climbing trees and picking apples. we ended up with 19 pounds of apples! I had only had nine pounds. :) We're very excited to be eating our very cheap apples for the next few weeks. (I successfully made homemade apple sauce! :D)

Sometimes they were very hard to reach, and more often than not if you jumped to grab a exceptionally scrumptious looking apple you just ended up knocking it off the branch and ending up with an apple landing in your face.

"Look! Its Caitlin and Katherine apples! Lets take a picture!" --Caitlin

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