Ice Caves

Wow! What a fantastic adventure. Caitlin, Kayla and I went to the ice caves with a bunch of boys and a few other girls on Saturday night. It was so incredible, very wet and cold, but so much fun. We played with glow sticks, tried to viciously knock each other over on the ice. (Alright, alright, Just one boy and I tried to do that... but you get the picture.) After we got out and were all dripping wet and freezing we had an awesome bonfire!

We all piled into this HUGE truck that belongs to a friend of mine. Here are Caitlin, Kayla and Beccs, In the back you can see Laura, next to her is Mark and then you see part of Kolten's face SOO much fun! The scenery is really weird to me. There are NO mountains. its completely flat, its kinda become a game with my friends, they always try to show me the 'mountain' which always ends up bein' a hill. -sigh-

See what I mean? I don't think it gets much more flat than this.



These are my dear sweet roommates. We've got Kayla, a second semester freshman, Me, Morgan in the back, first semester freshman, than dear Caitlin... with her hand in front of her face... She's a sophomore:)

This is Caitlin and me. She is from Texas and my room roomie. I love her! She's my favorite roommate! She wants me to say "I like her face, its nice :)" She makes THE BEST country fried chicken ever! SOOOOO yummy! :) She also tenderizes her chicken with her peanut butter jar. Love this girl :)

Alright, With this video we were trying to take a picture and I pushed the wrong button. Watch Morgan's eyes She's trying to make them not look so small. I love Caitlin's face, its my FAVORITE! Kayla screams last, She said she was feeling left out. :) Its hilarious! Don't tell Morgan I put this up here. ;)



I've FINALLY moved into my dorm up here at BYU-I. It happened after packing for several weeks and a few minor emotional break downs. (Mostly the night before I left.) So far its tons of fun, Like a party all the time. My roommates are so amazing! I love them dearly. We're just settling in right now. Last night the four of us went for a little walk around campus laughing hysterically and telling stories; getting to know each other a little bit. Then we all sat on my loft bed with facebook up showing pictures of guys we've liked and telling stories about them. I don't think I've ever laughed so hard in my life.

I am having tons of fun, But it doesn't exactly feel real yet. Hasn't really sunk in that this is where I live now. It still doesn't feel like MY bed, MY fridge, MY couches, MY house. I'm sure we'll get there soon though. :)

Last night my dear roomie and I went to a Ryan Shupe and the Rubber Band concert! WOOT! We had tons of fun, and met single Nate. :) (the drummer in the band, apparently they all want him to not be single anymore. But we were to shy to talk to him.)

Today is the first day of classes. I've gotta go to Science and Soil Management. I sound like a nerd hmm? :) Wish me luck!


What's new

Yay for new laptops!! I got mine last week and now that I've gotten used to it I love it! I feel like an official college student now! I've got an HP pavilion dv6. Whatever that means.

I've been using this handy dandy laptop of mine to email my new roommates. They are so cool! I think we're going to have a BLAST! The girl I'll be sharing a room with is from Dripping Springs, Texas. ( I think that is awesome, Dripping Springs :) Her name is Caitlin and she's awesome! She's going to be a earth science teacher.

I can't wait for school! I keep getting more and more excited. Which is probably a good things because I'm leaving in four days ;)