These are my dear sweet roommates. We've got Kayla, a second semester freshman, Me, Morgan in the back, first semester freshman, than dear Caitlin... with her hand in front of her face... She's a sophomore:)

This is Caitlin and me. She is from Texas and my room roomie. I love her! She's my favorite roommate! She wants me to say "I like her face, its nice :)" She makes THE BEST country fried chicken ever! SOOOOO yummy! :) She also tenderizes her chicken with her peanut butter jar. Love this girl :)

Alright, With this video we were trying to take a picture and I pushed the wrong button. Watch Morgan's eyes She's trying to make them not look so small. I love Caitlin's face, its my FAVORITE! Kayla screams last, She said she was feeling left out. :) Its hilarious! Don't tell Morgan I put this up here. ;)

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