Family Home Evening

This week I had the wonderful opportunity to attend the Family Home Evening of my dear Samantha and Colt. It was a lot of fun! We had a very insightful lesson by Colt, then watched a movie called Something Borrowed. (It was dumb... she doesn't end up with the right person. Just in case you were wondering.) 

We then made delicious little creations. Sam looked online and found this awesome idea for sugar cookies:

They are Indian Corn! 

We used frosted sugar cookies, placed yellow, orange, and brown M&M's on them and the leaves on the bottom are fruit roll ups. Who knew?

(This post is actually for Heidi. I thought you might enjoy this. It looks like Heidi activity to me.)


Peer Pressure

A lot of my friends have been changing the look of their blogs lately. Soo... I decided it was probably about time I jumped on the band wagon as well. 

Yup, that's all I have to say on that one. 


Good Luck Bear

I've found I retain information really well. I've also found that in order to retain that information I have to study... a lot.

In my hardest class I devote hours and hours to studying the information before every class, and then several more hours before an exam reviewing
and making sure I have the information down. As a result I have an 'A' in a class that many people are struggling in.

The other day a girl in my class was talking to me. She asked what scores I received on the last two exams. Upon hearing my marks she exclaimed:
"Wow! You are SO lucky!"

I wanted to tell her: "You could be this lucky too, all you have to do is devote all the hours you spend sleeping, eating, and hanging out with friends to studying. 'Luck' has nothing to do with it. I work for this. Because I want it."

And it is worth every minute I spend studying, every hour of lost sleep, every canceled date and every missed meal.