The Boy Gene

One of my very dear friends is currently serving a mission. He is still in the MTC as of right now.
In his last letter he drew a diagram of the fort that was constructed on 'fort night' (his two week mark)

Here is the wonderful fort and the man himself!

In my next letter I asked something to this effect: "How are boys able to make such amazing forts? Is there something crazy on the Y chromosome that us girls are unable to have?"

Here was his reply:
"It's in our blood. We did an experiment in seminary a few years ago. Boys vs Girls in fort building and attacking. With the same amount of desks, our fort was twice as high, we just do it. When you were dreaming of a wedding, we were playing with army men... it's just how boys are...

P.S.... We also have to know how to protect our princess because that is our goal and purpose in life. To find, cherish, and protect that which can soften our hearts and bring us to God. We must protect our wife. :)"


So Blessed

Lately I've been thinking about blessings a lot.

I am so entirely blessed:

1. I have the best friends
2. I have the most loving family in the world!
3. I'm gaining an education
4. I eat. Everyday.
5. I get enough sleep
6. There is so much to smile about.
7. I'm healthy
8. My sisters are my best friends
9. Letters from missionaries always brighten my day
10. There is a temple just up the street.

Honestly, what more could a girl ever want?

Tonight I remembered something that I used to pray for as a child.

Puffy Hair.

I wanted big hair so bad! Don't ask why, I have no idea. It was just cool. I always had something like this in mind:

This is the kind of woman that I still think is absolutely beautiful. I wanted nothing more than to look just like her.
Tonight, as I was trying to get my massive lions mane out of my face I thought:

Maybe that was one blessing I could have lived without.


Daddy Daughter Day hike

Before I went back to the very flat Idaho, Daddy promised to take me to the Uintahs for a day hike! Three days after I got my wisdom teeth out he took the day off work and we left at o'dark thirty in the morning.

We hiked a few miles up to Notch Mountain and looked for mountain goats. We were unsuccessful, but we did see this beautiful view!
We when continued on our little hike and passed a beautiful meadow filled with wild flowers! We also saw some Rhexia-Leaf Paintbrush. I was so thrilled.

After a little bushwhacking We came out by the wonderful lake. Where we looked for moose.

We didn't see one. But we did see a duck.

We finished our 8 mile day by walking up to a little spring that David and Dad found their last time up here. The water was so delicious we nicknamed it 'Celestial Spring.'

All and all it was a wonderful hike. I strongly suggest going to the Uintahs sometime. The scenery is superb, there is no better place to spend a day.

Thank you Dad!