So Blessed

Lately I've been thinking about blessings a lot.

I am so entirely blessed:

1. I have the best friends
2. I have the most loving family in the world!
3. I'm gaining an education
4. I eat. Everyday.
5. I get enough sleep
6. There is so much to smile about.
7. I'm healthy
8. My sisters are my best friends
9. Letters from missionaries always brighten my day
10. There is a temple just up the street.

Honestly, what more could a girl ever want?

Tonight I remembered something that I used to pray for as a child.

Puffy Hair.

I wanted big hair so bad! Don't ask why, I have no idea. It was just cool. I always had something like this in mind:

This is the kind of woman that I still think is absolutely beautiful. I wanted nothing more than to look just like her.
Tonight, as I was trying to get my massive lions mane out of my face I thought:

Maybe that was one blessing I could have lived without.

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