The Boy Gene

One of my very dear friends is currently serving a mission. He is still in the MTC as of right now.
In his last letter he drew a diagram of the fort that was constructed on 'fort night' (his two week mark)

Here is the wonderful fort and the man himself!

In my next letter I asked something to this effect: "How are boys able to make such amazing forts? Is there something crazy on the Y chromosome that us girls are unable to have?"

Here was his reply:
"It's in our blood. We did an experiment in seminary a few years ago. Boys vs Girls in fort building and attacking. With the same amount of desks, our fort was twice as high, we just do it. When you were dreaming of a wedding, we were playing with army men... it's just how boys are...

P.S.... We also have to know how to protect our princess because that is our goal and purpose in life. To find, cherish, and protect that which can soften our hearts and bring us to God. We must protect our wife. :)"

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  1. okay, i probably just melted to a puddle at his PS!!! oh my goodness what a darling boy!!

    thanks so much for taking a minute out of your busy life to let me come visit you last weekend! :) i miss you already... but i KNOW we're going to keep in touch!!

    i love you SO SO SO much little sister!!!!!