Solitary Single Woman

As many of you know. The majority of my friends are married. Which is sometimes a major bummer. But sometimes, like this weekend, it turns out to be a wonderful adventure!

Friday night I called my dear Samantha Farmer to tell her about a job opening here in Rexburg. (She and her husband Colt are debating whether they are going to move to IF or Rexburg.) After I told her about the job we got talking like girls often do.

We talked about wanting to see each other again and were trying to smash our busy schedules together. One of us had the bright idea to see if I couldn't find someone to take me down tonight. So I called Andy.

"Hey, What are you doing tonight?"
"Nothing, whats up?"

"Wanna drive to Arco?"
"SURE! When?"


So, Andy is on his way over and Colt says

"Why don't you guys spend the night?"

Done and done!

I grabbed PJ's a tooth brush and my elephant, Percy. (oh, and some frosting and graham crackers I'd been eating before all this happened.)

When Andy FINALLY showed up (about 30 seconds later) I informed him that we would be spending the night.

Sam and Colt bought pizza and we devoured it while playing a game of Life (which I totally won!) I'm so grateful that I am able to have such wonderful friends that put up with and even encourage my spontaneous plans.


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