They Say You Marry Your Father

My dad is a retired chef. So I often call him and let him know if I make something particularly delicious. Here is the exchange we had today:

Me--"Guess what I'm eating for lunch!"


Me--"Gross! No! A wrap with potato! So yummy, you have to try it."

Daddy--"What did you wrap it with?"

Me--"Ummm... a tortilla. What else would you wrap it with?"

Daddy--"A trout."

Me--"Would that be yummy?"

Daddy-- "No. That's why I've never done it. We had Elk roast for dinner yesterday."

Me-- "Yeah? Was it good?"

Daddy-- "Not for the Elk. We liked it though."

Love you Daddy.

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  1. HAHAHAHA i loved this so much!! i think your dad and i would get along well :) i love you babe, promise me we'll keep in touch while i'm gone???