Some People's Children...

Again, Samantha and Colt were kind enough to invite me to their Family Home Evening. Sam gave me the very important task of picking our activity. I thought about it all day! Button Button Who's got the Button? (I learned today that this game is NOT called Peter, Peter, Who's got the button?) Cat and Mouse? And then my mother came up with a brilliant idea!

Step 1:
Wrap some delicious candy in several layers of newspaper and tape. (The point it to make it very difficult to get to the candy)

Step 2:
Acquire some large gloves, a spoon, and a pair of die. 

Step 3:
Find a few friends that are very competitive.

Step 4:
Take turns rolling the die, if anyone gets doubles they put the gloves on try to break into the candy using the spoon.

The point of this game is to be the first one to the candy. It's really frustrating, there were several times when someone would just barely get the gloves on and then someone else rolls doubles. 

Why yes, Sam is a little cheater! 

Don't worry, I won the game, but I decided to share my scrumptious sour candies.

Don't ask....

Afterwards we made cookies... kinda, they were a little gooey so we ate them with spoons.   

Sam and I both LOVE magic, Colt entertained us for a while and showed us this nifty little trick.... I can't do it, but Sam figured it out, and it sure looks cool!


And the winner is......

Dear Sisters, 

I would merely like to inform you have I have officially won the cutest sister contest. Your Queen commands that there will be no further discussion on the topic. You may henceforth and forever call me:

Her Majesty, Queen Cuteums.



As I was walking home from the library tonight (with pretty much the same face I posted last time) I saw a cowboy! We all know that as soon as most girls see a boy in a plaid shirt and cowboy hat their knees go weak. I am no exception. He looked a lot like this guy only not as old and his shirt was red plaid.

Soo... Like any normal girl I caught his eye and smiled. He looked at me and tipped, yes, I said TIPPED his hat at me. Oh my, I nearly died! He asked me how I was doing and it took nearly everything I had not to purpose to him right there. 

He walked away and I grinned all the way home. 


I'ma Junior

It's nights like this that I have to continue telling myself...

I love my major...
I love my major...
I love my major...


New Years Eve

Why yes, I did have a fantastic New Years. Thank you for asking. 
 My father made us a fantastic dinner with steak, baked 'tatoes, two different kinds of shrimp, (YUM! I've been craving seafood lately, so that was a really good call.) bread, nasty mushrooms that I didn't touch and some other scrumptious things. 

We then watch Warrior. (Fantastic movie! I love sports movies.) It ended four minutes before midnight. We flipped the channel and watched the ball drop and all let out an excited "Happy New Year!" The people that drink sparkling cider or 'bubbly' popped the top and had a delicate swig. 

Oh, I also got a splendid little camera for Christmas. (It's okay to be jealous. I'm kinda a big deal.) This is my beautiful little sisnerd. I wish she would have allowed me to video tape the cute little nerd snort she was doing. She's weird.... I'm not sure why she is so popular.

 This is my other favorite sister. Look how adorable she is. I sometimes think she looks like a Japanese anime character.

 Oh, I'm taking a poll. Who do you think would win the cutest sister contest? Please vote! If you don't know my sisters just guess. I'm pretty sure there are pictures of all of them on here somewhere....