New Years Eve

Why yes, I did have a fantastic New Years. Thank you for asking. 
 My father made us a fantastic dinner with steak, baked 'tatoes, two different kinds of shrimp, (YUM! I've been craving seafood lately, so that was a really good call.) bread, nasty mushrooms that I didn't touch and some other scrumptious things. 

We then watch Warrior. (Fantastic movie! I love sports movies.) It ended four minutes before midnight. We flipped the channel and watched the ball drop and all let out an excited "Happy New Year!" The people that drink sparkling cider or 'bubbly' popped the top and had a delicate swig. 

Oh, I also got a splendid little camera for Christmas. (It's okay to be jealous. I'm kinda a big deal.) This is my beautiful little sisnerd. I wish she would have allowed me to video tape the cute little nerd snort she was doing. She's weird.... I'm not sure why she is so popular.

 This is my other favorite sister. Look how adorable she is. I sometimes think she looks like a Japanese anime character.

 Oh, I'm taking a poll. Who do you think would win the cutest sister contest? Please vote! If you don't know my sisters just guess. I'm pretty sure there are pictures of all of them on here somewhere....

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  1. Oh Katie! You girls are all absolutely beautiful...there is just no way to pick the cutest. Matter of fact I could think of a superlative for each of our five daughters concerning their appearance or attributes, most beautiful, best smile, most beautiful eyes, best figure, best personality, smartest, friendliest, most creative...to sum anyone up as "cutest"...seems rather shallow and misses the inner beauty that each young lady possesses. Love you dear, but "knock it off!"