Roomies Winter '11

These are THE sweetest, more beautiful girls you could ever hope to meet. Left to right Hannah, Evelyn, and Sami. I love these girls so much, we eat Sunday dinner together, this was our first one. Rump roast, tatoes and carrots cooked in my crock pot. If I may say so myself.

We also like to play games together. Phase 10 and Mau are our favorites!

Thanks for the beginning of a great semester girlies, here's to many more memories!

Miss Hannah Brand

This is my dear sweet roomie, Miss Hannah. I love her with all my heart. A few of our favorite things to do together include: giggling, talking until we fall asleep, watching movies, helping each other with homework, saying prayers and singing.

(By the way, this mound of snow next to Hannah is a very small one. There is often snow this tall lining parking lots and driveways)

Hannah is a very silly girl. I believe this is when she gave up on her math homework. The best part was the "UGGGHHHHHH!!!" sound she kept making until I gave her some attention :)

You know you have the best roommate in the world when they write your name on the kitchen table with chocolate.


My Favorite Little Brother

I found this picture while I was looking through my phone. Isn't he CUTE!? I miss this little boy sooo much. He just turned 12, which is totally insane because I remember the day he was born (not very clearly but I remember!)

Thanks for all the fun Shorty, I love you with all my heart and I'm so proud of everything you've done. From winning the poetry contest, auditioning for Les Mis, getting your homework done, and being all the little kids favorite uncle.

Love you!