Trying New Things

Today I did something that I have never done before!

I sat and talked with a paramedic in one of these:
Considering I've never been in an ambulance it was a very neat experience

I also was invited to come to a training and got to ride in the front seat of one of these:

Also a very neat experience. I thought of my six year-old nephew and how jealous he would be. 


My Desire

My Great-Great Grandmother Hannah Cropper Ashby was a wonderful poet. I was recently reading the book of poems she had published and stumbled across this little gem:


I want to walk the way of life 
Steady and unafraid.
I want to walk the way of life
With men that God has made.
Not with the proud and haughty few,
Who boast of wealth and power;
But with those who bear the heavy load
Of every day and hour. 

I can't wait until this is me!