New Pajamas!

My mommy is the BEST! I told her about these wonderful pajamas at the bookstore that I fell in love with but they were a little out of my price range (which means more than four dollars.) She sent me up a card with the money in it. YAY! I went and bought them that second.

They are bright pink, orange, and brown tie-dye with brown flowers and BYU-IDAHO written up the leg. SO cute.

Thank you Mom!

First Snow/ Towel Fight!

The first day of snow! In Utah when it snows its cold but not bitter. Up here you can literally feel when its going to snow. The air is so cold you walk outside and your entire face freezes. You can't have your hand out of a pocket for 30 seconds without it freezing. You also know when the snow is going to melt because it isn't so bitter. The night after the first snow was so cold that it all turned to ice. Not crunchy snow. Solid ICE!

Here Frazier and I stopped for half a second to take a picture then quickly ran into my apartment for some yummy lunch.

After we finished our delightful lunch of celery (his with peanut butter, mine with ranch.) We got into a towel fight. I'll let you be the judge of who won.

This is the welt on the back of my leg. You know that whole thing about not shooting people in the back because it's bad sportsmanship? Obviously Frazier doesn't believe in this. He got me while I was running away!

I did give him a pretty nice welt on his arm though. Will the adventures never end?



I found this song recently and fell in love with it. It just seems to fit everything thats been happening lately. It's called 'tracing' by John Mayer. who has recently become one of my new favorite artists.

I love the line "There is a reason the strong move slow, and I'm okay, if you're okay with wasting time." Yup, that's basically all I have to say about this one. Hope y'all like it. The link is posted below.