Some People's Children...

Again, Samantha and Colt were kind enough to invite me to their Family Home Evening. Sam gave me the very important task of picking our activity. I thought about it all day! Button Button Who's got the Button? (I learned today that this game is NOT called Peter, Peter, Who's got the button?) Cat and Mouse? And then my mother came up with a brilliant idea!

Step 1:
Wrap some delicious candy in several layers of newspaper and tape. (The point it to make it very difficult to get to the candy)

Step 2:
Acquire some large gloves, a spoon, and a pair of die. 

Step 3:
Find a few friends that are very competitive.

Step 4:
Take turns rolling the die, if anyone gets doubles they put the gloves on try to break into the candy using the spoon.

The point of this game is to be the first one to the candy. It's really frustrating, there were several times when someone would just barely get the gloves on and then someone else rolls doubles. 

Why yes, Sam is a little cheater! 

Don't worry, I won the game, but I decided to share my scrumptious sour candies.

Don't ask....

Afterwards we made cookies... kinda, they were a little gooey so we ate them with spoons.   

Sam and I both LOVE magic, Colt entertained us for a while and showed us this nifty little trick.... I can't do it, but Sam figured it out, and it sure looks cool!

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