Sister Time!

My dear sister Nikki came and stayed with me this weekend. Here are a few of her quotes:

1. I just named your fish after me. She likes to eat. We have a lot in common. :)

2. Hey Nikki, how'd you sleep?--Katie

3. He said his 15 in. sub blew up. I said: Your sandwich blew up? That's unfortunate.

4. Nikki, you're breaking my leg. --Katie
I'm not fat!!--Nikki

5. You're going to Jamaica freakin' duh!

6. ....don't touch me there.

7. I hate Idaho. IDA FREAKIN' HO!

8. Did you know we have a Viking in our family?--Lindsay
Is it me?!--Nikki

Oh, Lindsay was here too... but she doesn't say anything funny :)


  1. Thanks for inviting me. Oh, wait...you didn't. Hmph!

  2. 1) I Invited myself. It worked pretty well
    2) I started our beatboxing adventure... which was funny and enlightening. :)
    3) I love you