Daddy Daughter Day hike

Before I went back to the very flat Idaho, Daddy promised to take me to the Uintahs for a day hike! Three days after I got my wisdom teeth out he took the day off work and we left at o'dark thirty in the morning.

We hiked a few miles up to Notch Mountain and looked for mountain goats. We were unsuccessful, but we did see this beautiful view!
We when continued on our little hike and passed a beautiful meadow filled with wild flowers! We also saw some Rhexia-Leaf Paintbrush. I was so thrilled.

After a little bushwhacking We came out by the wonderful lake. Where we looked for moose.

We didn't see one. But we did see a duck.

We finished our 8 mile day by walking up to a little spring that David and Dad found their last time up here. The water was so delicious we nicknamed it 'Celestial Spring.'

All and all it was a wonderful hike. I strongly suggest going to the Uintahs sometime. The scenery is superb, there is no better place to spend a day.

Thank you Dad!

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