Road Trippin'

This weekend I had the wonderful opportunity to drive up to Idaho Falls with Hannah (my old roommate) and Ryan (Hannah's boyfriend of almost five months!) for Sam and Colt's (another roommate and FHE brother) wedding! Hannah and I decided to start a quote book. Here are a few of the things that were said that we thought were hilarious.

"I'm a weirdo!"

"I'm sweaty in my armpits."

"I'n not a crazy driver, I just am right now.... kay?"

"That should be in our quote book! That's funny right there."

"It's your wedding, you can spend as much money as you want!"

"If Arco fell into a crater do you think anyone would know?"
"Probably not for a while."

"Has is been 23 miles yet?!"
"I dunno, but I'm goin' 80!"

"Sam is going to live clear the freak out here?"
"There is no way I'm coming to visit her now!"

"I'm just trying to be funny so I can make it in the quote book."

"Oh my! Birds keep pooping!"

"Oh my! I've been planning out what I was going to say to Colt's dad this whole time,"

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