Cascade Springs

On Sunday we decided to drive up to Cascade Springs and take the short walk as a family. We used to come here when we were little and it was nice to go back with those of us living at home at the moment.

We had several wonderful picture opportunities.

We saw some beautiful flowers, a few fish and even a bumblebee!

Nikki and I shared some sister time and enjoyed the beautiful scenery!

David even climbed a tree that is over hanging part of the trail. He was very proud of himself.

Alright.... so he didn't exactly make it all the way up by himself.

It was a wonderful trip, we very much enjoyed spending a Sunday afternoon up the canyon. Just the five of us, and the Beaver, as Dad calls him. Nikki simply couldn't leave her man Bieber behind so we brought him up and Nikki sang along the entire time!

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