Ice Caves

Wow! What a fantastic adventure. Caitlin, Kayla and I went to the ice caves with a bunch of boys and a few other girls on Saturday night. It was so incredible, very wet and cold, but so much fun. We played with glow sticks, tried to viciously knock each other over on the ice. (Alright, alright, Just one boy and I tried to do that... but you get the picture.) After we got out and were all dripping wet and freezing we had an awesome bonfire!

We all piled into this HUGE truck that belongs to a friend of mine. Here are Caitlin, Kayla and Beccs, In the back you can see Laura, next to her is Mark and then you see part of Kolten's face SOO much fun! The scenery is really weird to me. There are NO mountains. its completely flat, its kinda become a game with my friends, they always try to show me the 'mountain' which always ends up bein' a hill. -sigh-

See what I mean? I don't think it gets much more flat than this.

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