Oh, The Joy!

I love planning, so much! My sisters are always listening to my plans, nodding and saying: "That sounds great, but don't be too sad when it doesn't turn out that way." Well sisters, this one is turning out just how I want it to!

Tonight I spent hours researching and deciding which classes I want to take for the rest of my undergraduate career. It was so exciting to be planning school stuff again and I can't wait for all of my classes, I honestly have the best major. Here is my class schedule for the rest of my Bachelors. (mostly, there is one class that my school seems to have discontinued that I need to graduate. Which could potentially be a big problem, but it'll work out.) 

Oh, and you have to insert an 18 month religious adventure after Fall 2012. But, just think. I only have four semesters when I get home! And a baby semester with only one class that only lasts 7 weeks, but we aren't counting that one. The end is so near I can practically taste it. 

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