Eating Crow

I hated caffeine. I thought it was an evil drug that would eventually kill you. But I'm getting ahead of myself 

This last semester I was having a lot of eye pain when I studied. I thought it was just from reading so much, so I dealt with it and continued to kick trash in school. When I got home I was still having a lot of pain, and it was getting worse. I asked Mom to get me an eye appointment thinking I might need glasses. 

We go and I have all sorts of crazy things happen to my eyes. (I've only been to the eye doctor once before and I was pretty little. The eye doctor is to me as the dentist is to most children) We learned I have perfect vision. 


We also learned that I have mild migraines set on by the use of my eyes. (Which explains a lot.) My beloved doctor told me to try Excedrin. (a drug that has caffeine in it...) 

"Evil caffeine" I thought. "I've lived with the pain this long, I'll just deal with it." But later that day we ran to the store and got the despicable medication. 

Let's just say that I've learned a lesson. Everything has a time and place. When used within certain limits and with care, anything can be amazing, even caffeine. 

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  1. Migraines from using your eyes? Uhhh... you have to use them all the time! So sorry. That's seriously a bummer! And thats a super good point. All things in moderation.