Self Reflection

This summer has given me lots to think about; mainly about what kind of wife and mother I'm going to be. (I'm not planning on getting married any time in the near future, but it's been on my mind a lot.) I have amazing women in my life who are such great examples to me of what kind of woman I should be, the problem is, I'm not that woman most of the time. 
I decided to start small, after all I have eternity to work on this, right? I changed my eating habits. (Eating cheese and BBQ quesadillas for every meal probably isn't the best idea when trying to raise a healthy little family.) When I started craving apples and bananas I decided I could move on to something else. 

I'm now working on cooking and being creative. (This is what I call 'Heidi Things' My oldest sister is my biggest role model, but that's a post for another time.)

I'm a fair cook, and I enjoy it. Right now I'm actually working on apricot fruit leather (with apple sauce instead of sugar!) It's fun to slowly see myself turn into the person I want to be. 

Have you had a similar self reflection time? What are your tricks for becoming a better person?


  1. Before I got married, my husband and I spent 3 months apart while we both lived at home pre-wedding. During that time, I started cooking for my family of 6 more often so I could break my habit of making tiny little college meals with no nutritional value. ;) I can't capture how much being married has helped me become more patient and forgiving.

  2. Shucks, Katie...you're so kind. ;) One of my favorite ways to challenge myself to be better is "30 Day Challenges". I like to pick something to work on every day for a month. You know how they say doing something every day for 3 weeks makes it a habit? It works! For July I am working on creativity; attempting to create something beautiful each day (whether it's a superhero mask for Ethan, a weed-free area in our yard, a delicious meal, etc.) Next month my goal is to read the Book of Mormon in 30 days. Wanna join me?