Finding Nirvana

Men are great and everything. I love them. But they are nothing compared to mountains! Where else can you feel so at home, so close to heaven, and so tiny and insignificant all in the same moment? 

I summited Mt. Timpanogos for the first time on Saturday. It was a glorious experience.

See? That is even my name on the registry. 

My older sister Heidi asked me to say 'Hi' to the mountain goats for her. I did. They said 'Hey' back.

I found Nirvana and didn't want to leave.

Alright.... I might have gone with a man. But it's just Ben, so he hardly counts. He's more of a that-older-brother-I-never-had kind of relationship.


  1. In PRIDE AND PREJUDICE there's a line that goes something like this, "What are men to rocks and mountains?" :) Jody

  2. "Hi goats!" ;) Looks like a lovely day!

  3. That is the coolest thing ever! We went on that hike, but only to the 2nd waterfall. There are some beautiful flowers on that hike. You go girl!