So Entirely Blessed

Today I was thinking about where my life was 5 months ago, and comparing it to where I am today. I can't even explain the amazing changes I have made and the person I have become. I want to take just a moment and thank the people that have helped me make these changes; I know without them, and their examples I would not be half the women I am today.

I am grateful for the men in my life. They are so caring and are always there when I need them. They are the perfect friends and always seem to give me a compliment at the moment I need it. I'm grateful for their ability to forgive my errors and continue to strengthen and support me, even when my ideas are ridiculous. I couldn't ask for a more solid and loyal group of males, both friends and family.

I also love the women in my life. To all the girlfriends that support me unconditionally: I'd never have made it without y'all. I am better just having met them and I strive to be the woman that my friends make me out to be. 

My good friend told me the other day: "No one is better than anyone else, we are all at the same level and we all need each other to succeed" I know that these people have changed my life and I pray that I will never have to know a time without them.

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