This is My Life

After a rough day of several people asking if I was dating someone, and having no good reason for why I wasn't, (when did it become their business anyway?) I sat down and vented about one of my major frustrations with the Mormon culture. It's nothing special, but made me feel a little better. 

After months of toil, trouble, and tears
My life has direction, purpose, and grace
I feel complete
I’ve worked hard for this,
I know where I’m going; and I take delight in the path

I smile and think of the life I’ve intended,
It’s brilliant, terrific, fantastic, and grand!
I see myself living on the east and the west
School is accomplished and my career brings respite
I’m surrounded by beauty and individuals to help

I sigh in content
Yes, this is my life

I’ve forgotten, no, it’s not possible
Something so pressing, so ingrained in my mind
I’ve been taught to relish and dream of that day
When I in white and he in a tux
 promise never to part

Quickly, quickly, Throw him in somewhere!
I’m told he’ll make me whole


I’m already whole, this life I have organized
This is what I want

Someday, perhaps, I’ll find the one
That can tame my heart and calm my mind
Until that fateful day
I’ll live my life
 Magnificent and bright

 Yes, this is my life

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