Once upon a time I'm taking a Spanish class. I love it with all my heart! Sami, one of my roommates in fluent. Evelyn, not so fluent but a lot better than I am! Recently I have been saying the few phrases I know in Spanish a lot because I'm supposed to practice. Today she got a package from her family that was full of candy and had some money as well. She walked in
the bedroom to put her things away and I yelled after her "COMO ESTAS?" I hear her say "Muy bien." She then walks out of the bedroom, realizes she is holding a twenty dollar bill to do with what ever she pleases. Her eyes lit up and she said in a some what creepy tone holding the money close to her face and jumping "MUY BIEN!!!!"

This is a picture of my beautiful Evelyn :) We are now on our way to Costa Vida! (Which is also Spanish) :)

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