Princess Blossom Flower

I would just like to make a quick post for Rindsie. 

Lindsay is pretty funny sometimes. The other day I got a text message with the following:
"Guess who loves you?? I do! I do! Yes, I do! Yes, I do! (said in talking-to-a-puppy-dog voice.)" 

Also, we were talking on the phone tonight about some stick on tattoo mustaches she and her boyfriend got at school. She was talking about drawing a face on her hand and giving him a mustache. Our conversation looked something like this:

"I'll put the mustache on my thumb!" -Linds

"Yeah, that'd be really fun. But you'd have to put the mustache on your pointer finger." -Me

"You're right! I'm so glad I talked to you!" -Linds

"Yeah, if you didn't you'd have looked like an idiot, walking around with a mustache on your chin." -Me

I love you Princess Blossom Flower! Thank you for helping me through the hard things and always making me laugh. Love your face off!

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