15 Things About Me!

My dear sweet roommate Hannah has been telling me to do this. I figure it's about time....

1. I love love love LOVE queso. (You know that yummy processed cheese you dip chips in. Yum yum!)

2. I love walk and talks. Here at the good old BYU-I there are not many places to be alone, so when you want to talk to someone about something but you don't want all your roommates to know you go on a walk and talk!!

3. I love to get up before my roommates (which is generally really early) and take really long, hot showers. Again, you are never alone up here and shower time in the morning is the only time I have to be by myself.

4. I LOVE chapstick! I'm totally addicted, however, I often loose it which makes me extremely frustrated.

5. I've been thinking about being a photographer when I grow up.

6. My favoritest color in the whole wide world is YELLOW! Not the yuck mustard yellow, the bright happy sunflower yellow that makes you just want to smile.

7. My fondest childhood memory was going up to the pasture and feeding the horses with Dad. I remember we got into this habit of him picking me up and putting my on Stacy's feed thingy. She would take a bite and pull her head out and look up at me and I would just sit and talk and pat her.

8. The scariest dream I ever had took place when Nikki and I had bunk-beds. These green aliens with yellow spots came and pulled Nikki through the crack and under the bed and I think they were going to eat her. So of course I had to save her. I jumped down and kicked under the bed until the alien cried and ran away. It was terrifying.

9. I remember reading "The Man Who Never Did His Dishes" when I was little. I remember thinking how disgusting that was and I never wanted to be like that. Sometimes there are a lot of dishes in the sink. But I never stack them any where else!!

10. My favorite thing ever would have to be sitting snuggled up in a blanket with warm fuzzy socks while reading a good book with a warm cup of hot cocoa. Even better yet is when it's raining outside and I can hear the steady pounding outside with the occasional burst of thunder.

11. I love riding in the car with Miss Kylee Hadfield. We drive as fast as we can with all the windows rolled down and some new girl power song turned as loud as it will possibly go. We're both dancing and laughing while drinking a caffeinated beverage of some kind. (Don't tell mom but this is what we did every summer for the past three years. :D

12. I believe that God asked me in the pre-existence "Katherine, I need an other land formation. What do you think we should do?" I exclaimed with enthusiasm "MOUNTAINS!! Don't worry, I got this one." He then chuckled and said "I knew you'd say that."

13. I love sweaters. I even stole one from Heidi at Old Navy. :)

14. I love the feeling of soil. There is something about planting and caring for little baby plants and watching them grow that I just can't get enough of.

15. I love waking up on Sundays rather early, (about 6) and turning classical music on very softly then opening all the curtains in our apartment and letting the beautiful sunrise fill our tiny apartment.


  1. Katie... about #11...could you define caffeinated drink??? Love, MOM

  2. ummm... it used to be rockstars, and then we changed to dr. pepper. Mountain dew if we were really rebellious. Now It's just lemonade. :)

  3. Katherine, you rock!! :) Just sayin'. :)

  4. Any chance you know who wrote The Man Who Never Did His Dishes? I'm trying to track it down. Thanks!

  5. Phyllis Krasilovsky. I found it on Amazon