Glacier National Park

Glacier is without a doubt one of the most beautiful places I have ever been! Yay for senior trips! This picture is while we were driving Logan Pass. The altitude is only as high as here in PG. If we were lucky it got up to about 6000 feet. Pretty crazy.

All of the scenery was like this, there were tons of lakes all surrounded by trees with mountains rising in the background. Absolutely breath taking!

Yeah, My family is crazy. I love Nikki's foot up in the air and Dad trying to ignore us and enjoy the scenery.

I love this. With the moose in the foreground and that amazing background. Welcome to Glacier :)

It was so wonderful to spent so much time with my family; and see the beautiful sites of Montana. I will definately be going back in the next coming years.

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  1. Photography, a courtesy from Princess Blossom Flower.