I love New York City so much! It's beautiful, most of the people are very friendly, and they have the best plays :)

I took this picture in the plane. I love how you can see the blue of the sky below the clouds as well as above it.

This is the Statue of Liberty. I was inside Her! Its so incredible I thought while I was standing up there, this is what she sees every single day. Then I got this sudden yearning to hug her, but I thought the cute ranger would think I was strange so I held it in. He told me that to change the light bulbs in the torch a bunch of maintance rangers have to climb up the inside of her arm in the dark, then at her elbow the latter switches sides so they have to feel around and change sides, all completely in the dark while carring light bulbs!! He said they have a running joke "How many rangers does it take to change a light bulb? Well.... it depends where the light bulb is!"

This is a water fountain at the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts. The whole place was brilliant. Every theatre is so well built. They all keep the noise from outside out and the noise from inside magnified. I don't know how you would figure something like that out.

I just thought this was funny :)

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