My Job

Alright, I have the best job in the whole world. I love the people and its always good for a laugh. Today I had a man come into the book store wanting to buy something and talk a little. After a few minutes he says "So I have a question" I start getting ready to tell him where the bathroom is. He then says "Why do they keep all the cute rangers down here?" My eyes popped out of my head. Did you really just say that to me?! "Do they not want you to get weathered by the sun or something?" 'Ummm..... yeah.... that must be it, we keep begging to go up but they won't let us.....'-awkward uncomfortable laugh- "Pity, they could use you up there." He walks away with his ten year old son. SO weird! My friend and I had a good laugh about this. Oh the people that show up to National Parks!! :D

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