Not a Gay Friend

The following is a conversation I had with Golden that made me laugh, maybe you had to be there, but just humour me. 

Me-- "*filtered* turned me into his gay friend"

Golden--  "Hahaha how did that happen"

Me-- "He and his girl broke up... he needed to talk about it"

Golden -- "Haha you're wrong, not the gay friend that's not how it works for guys, he wants you to be his rebound."

Me -- "I'm taken"

Golden -- "Didn't you learn from that guy who asked you out pre mission? That's not an issue in their heads"

Me -- "That's so wrong!! This is why I tell social media that we're happy!"

Golden -- "Hahaha still not an issue in his head"

I'm really grateful that he also doubles as my bestfriend. Let the good times roll!

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